Jamie’s Television Appearances

Jimin Park, also known as Jamie, first came onto the scene as a contestant in a new talent competition program called K-Pop Star. The program brought talented people from all over Korea together to compete to become a possible kpop artist. At just fourteen, she wowed the judges with her voice and versatility, and walked away with first place. She won a car (which she couldn’t drive yet), a cameo in a webtoon (she played a fan of Got7’s Jinyoung in their webtoon, Dream Knight), and a chance to sign a contract with one of the Big Three entertainment companies. Choosing to go with JYP started her career first as part of 15& and then a solo career.

As she grew in popularity, Jimin participated in other musical programs such as Duet Song Festival, where she was paired with ballad artist Jung Youngyoon. She also was partnered with JYP’s Baek A Yeon in the duet progam Two Yoo Project Sugar Man.

Like many other artists, Jimin took her turn on the popular program King of Masked Singer, which is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Jimin was disguised as “Listen to My Song and Applaud it Baby Seal”. She was eliminated after two episodes after competing against Kissing Gourami.

As she prepared to start a solo career, Jimin was asked to be co-host of the popular weekly program After School Club, where she became a popular global icon for her sassy humor and engaging wit. Like fellow artists Eric Nam and Kevin Woo, former co-hosts of hers, her name became synonymous with the program. Jimin has proven that no matter what she focuses on, she only gives her best. Where did you first meet Jimin? Through her music or through one of these amazing television programs?

~ Kimi

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