Jamie’s OSTs

In the last 7 years, Jamie has participated in OSTs for 7 dramas!

2013 saw the release of Goddess of Fire. This 32 episode drama follows the story of Yoo-Jung in the Joseon dynasty. Goddess of Fire is based on the true story of Baek Pa-Sun, the first female potter and porcelain artist in the Joseon dynaty, who was taken to Japan during the invasion of 1592. Jamie’s song ‘I Love You’ was the 4th OST for this drama.

Two years later, Jamie lent her talents to Orange Marmalade with her song ‘I Want to Keep Seeing You.’ This song was the 5th OST. Orange Marmalade is the story of humans and vampires, who have evolved past the need for human blood, coexisting despite plenty of discrimination and fear.

2016 brought the 4th OST for Dear My Friends. This drama is about the storied between friends in their last years of life. In 2017, Jamie sang ‘Say I Love You’ for Meloholic‘s 2nd OST. Meloholic follows a man who can read any woman’s thoughts when he touches her.

2019 was perhaps Jamie’s busiest year as she released ‘Deep Voice’ (The Last Empress OST 4) and ‘That I’m Here’ (Catch the Ghost OST 6). This year, Hi Bye, Mama! was released and Jamie performed the first OST, ‘Time, Like a Shining Star.’

What did you guys think of Jamie’s OSTs? Which one is your favourite?

~ Jordan

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