V and BTS

It’s nearly impossible these days to hear the word k-pop and not think of BTS. For those outside of the kpop world, the two are one and the same. In the seven years since their debut, the septet has grown to explosively high levels. And if you know BTS, then you would obviously know about their vocalist, Taehyung. The fluffy-haired, boxy smiled, puppy-like singer with a vocal range that goes from angel to demon has caught many eyes over the years.

Besides multiple albums, many which have broken albums sales records, and multiple world tours, including a Stadium tour (a second, longer tour was scheduled this summer, but Covid changed those plans), even performing for world leaders, these boys have worked to become ambassadors for this generation’s youth. Taehyung fans have bought ads for his birthday and blown up tweets to show the vocalist love. ARMY have also donated supplies and money to disaster relief funds and social and political causes on behalf of the beloved artist and the rest of his group.

BTS as a whole has also created several reality programs and even dropped three movies in the theaters, selling out every showing. In those, you can see the struggles the boys go through, their thought processes, and what pushes them to keep going when many would quit. Even watching Taehyung collapse from not feeling well, and his admission to not saying anything for fear of letting people down, you realize there is a tremendous amount of pressure that comes along with that love and support.

But, their love of music, their love for their fans, and their desire to show their best comes through with all the little extra songs. Like Taehyung’s solo songs posted on his soundcloud. His covers he created to thank fans on his special days. The duets he made with fellow group members J-Hope and RM. Taehyung never misses an opportunity to show his appreciation for all the support. And though it’s difficult now to go anywhere without being recognized, and his fear of sasaeng fans, Taehyung still tries to live life as normally as possible.

Whether you see BTS in commercials for chicken, cars, phones, or clothing or if you hear their song in the store, in the car, or on a movie or even catch an interview on your favorite programs, make sure you give the farm boy-turned- idol all your love and support.

~ Kimi

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