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Just because BTS is one of the biggest names in kpop right now, doesn’t mean the members haven’t followed the route of many other groups before them by participating in variety programs. Taehyung’s personable nature makes him an easy choice to grace the tv screen. For several years, Taehyung was cast as a host for music shows, such as Show! Music Core, Inkigayo, and Music Bank. He was a great addition, hosting alongside fellow artists like Zico, Moonbyul and Wheein from Mamamoo, Himchan from B.A.P, Kim Sohyun, and actor Park Bo Gum. He was even asked back for special programs for music bank and Inkigayo, hosting with Jisoo of BlackPink and Jinyoung of Got7.

Another popular show Taehyung participated in was Celebrity Bromance. Cast with k-drama actor, rapper, and friend Kim Minjae, the pair gave their fans plenty of fan fodder with scenes like Taehyung feeding Minjae, taking cute selfies together, and even a hilarious massage situation. The pairing on the show brings a lot of attention to the blossoming program.

Besides his solo appearances, Taehyung also goes onto several programs as a part of his group, BTS. One particularly fun episode was the 300th episode of Running Man. Watching the seven members compete against the regular cast brought about lots of laughter. There were moments that the boys were literally hanging off of Running Man members to keep them from winning a challenge! They even did a pre-debut show, shot in The USA, called American Hustle, where the boys showed off how they developed their hiphop skills that set the group apart at their debut.

As they started to put their name out there, they were asked to come onto the popular program, Rookie King, where they got to show off their many talents and show the world just who these boys are. Their presence on the program created quite a stir and many rookies that follow aspire to reach the heights as these boys.

The group also created Youtube shows like Run! BTS, BTS Go!, Bon Voyage, and Learn Korean with BTS. There are many ways to see this beautiful boy with a boxy smile. Whether it’s on a familiar favorite program or something new to explore, you can find Taehyung most anywhere you look.

~ Kimi

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