Persecution for Living?

These last few months, I’ve shown you the persecution that Asians across the globe have faced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve shown you the discrimination and outright racial slurs that have been thrown at them just for being who they are. This month, I want to bring it back and take a look at a different scenario, one in the life of an idol: persecution for living.

How many times have you seen hatred thrown at idols just for dating or getting married? How often have petitions gone around to remove a member from a group because there was a rumour that they MIGHT be dating somebody? How many ads have been taken out, protests started, because an idol dared to try and find some happiness with another person? How many times have idols received nasty messages or death threats?

Just recently, EXO-L circulated petitions, planned protests, and wrote to SM Entertainment to remove Chen from EXO. Supposed fans burned their EXO merchandise and ripped up anything with Chen’s image. Why? Because he was getting married and having a baby. Because he kept his relationship a secret from the fans. Super Junior’s Sungmin is still catching hell because he got married. Fans are still protesting his involvement in the group and boycotting promotions because Sungmin married the lovely Kim Sa-eun in 2014. Should I remind you of the hatred Jennie received when news of her relationship with Kai hit?

The more reasonable of you folk may be wondering why this is…..why are fans who claim to love their idols boycotting them and destroying their merchandise because they dared to be happy? Let’s think on this, shall we? These obsessive fans (read: stalkers) believe that they own their idols; oppa will never be happy unless he’s with me……no one else is good enough for oppa……anyone who dares touch what’s mine must be dragged through the mud and taught the error of their ways. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Newsflash everyone, you DO NOT own idols. You DO NOT get to decide how they can be happy, when they can be happy, or with whom they choose to be happy with. They are human beings. They are fully capable of making their own decisions; idols do not require, nor do they desire, their fans’ approval in their personal life and it’s high time everyone gets that through their thick skulls. You claim to love them but how can you when you turn around and treat them like the worst garbage for trying to be happy? Just because you’re unhappy with your own life does not give you the right to vilify and drag others down for finding love.

I just have this to say to all you delusional “fans”: GET OVER YOURSELF. Everyone deserves to have someone special in their life, everyone deserves to be happy and find love. Stop trying to possess idols and fit them into your little boxes. You say you love them? Then prove it. Prove it by being happy for them when they date, when they get married, when they have children. Stop throwing a tantrum like a toddler who didn’t get their way and support them with your whole heart. Give them positivity and normalize idol dating and marriage.

All your actions are doing is showing that fans don’t believe their idols are worthy of being loved, are worthy of having basic human interactions with others. You’re only causing heartache and spreading poison and this needs to end; no one should be shamed for being in love and living their life.

How much more do they have to give up before you’re satisfied?

~ Jordan

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