MAMAMOO’s Maknae

There have been several kpop groups where some of their members have collaborated with another artist before their group debuted, but the entire group of Mamamoo did several collaborations with artists such as K.Will, Geeks, and Bumkey months prior to their own official debut. In June of 2014, Hwasa made her stage debut with three other talented women with the jazz/ r&b styled group, Mamamoo.

The wonderful thing about Hwasa in such a group is her versatility as both a vocalist and a rapper. Her skills can easily transition according to the needs of the song. The group has even broken up into subunits, pulling Hwasa in with Moonbyil to create a rap duo.

The group has made mistakes, like their black face incident, when they impersonated Bruno Mars for one of his song covers. And have faced criticisms for their costume choices and choreography, often being slut shamed and their integrity being called into question. Hwasa especially has been hit with this because of her often lacy and corseted bodysuits. She has also faced a lot of body shaming for her sexy curves and darker skin tone. International fans embrace Hwasa’s look and recognize her for the queen she is.

The group has tried to tackle multiple styles in their music, wanting to show their depth and versatility. Songs like Piano Man, Décalcomanie, Wind Flower, and Hip are memorable songs, quick to stick in your head, but very different in style. But, all carry that same distinct Mamamoo style.

The group has topped many charts, done several concert tours in Korea and Japan, and even met international fans through kpop conventions. On top of that, they made a cameo in the drama Entourage and participated in several reality shows, as a group and as individual members. While there are a lot of mixed feeling about Hwasa and the rest of Mamamoo, they’ve not let it slow the group down from making memorable performances.

~ Kimi

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