Hwasa’s Solo Songs

Hwasa has been recognized for her talents even before officially debuting with Mamamoo. At sixteen, she had been pulled in for features with artists like Solbi and Standing Egg. Besides her versatility between singing and rapping, she’s also talented with songwriting and composition.

As part of Mamamoo, Hwasa has released solo songs such as Be Calm and special solo releases through RBW music, and Be Alright by Cosmic Sound. These songs show a soft, feminine side to Hwasa that is in contrast to the strong feminine character Hwasa usually portrays in the majority of Mamamoo’s releases. Even her song, In The Fall, featuring Woogie is more of a gentle song as opposed to her typical look.

Last year, Hwasa made an official solo debut with her song Twit. While this theme fit more of Mamamoo’s general music style, Hwasa’s great storytelling style came through in the lyrics. The song topped the Gaon charts and people recognized her talents as the song was everywhere. She recently dropped a solo album, Maria, and her songwriting and composition really brought out the real Hwasa. Especially her song LMM, which puts all of her pain and insecurities on display. This raw side, so beautifully expressed has been some of her best work yet. Her music composition for the song Why has also proven that her talents are just as strong on the other side of the sound booth.

Hwasa also has her first shot at doing an OST. In the popular korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch, Hwasa sings the song, Orbit, a song about standing by each other’s sides even in the darkness, asking a lover to stay. Honestly, I hope she does more OSTs in the future. The song was gorgeous.

Whatever Hwasa drops in the future, you can guarantee that it’s going to garner attention. She takes a lot of careful consideration in what she writes and what side of herself she wants to show her audience. Who knows what side we’ll get to see next.

~ Kimi

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