Hwasa on TV

Many idols experience some sort of television experience, whether it be hosting a music program, participating in a variety or competition show, or possibly even hitting the big screen in a drama. Hwasa has been no exception. Besides participating in interview programs like After School Club and Weekly Idol during promotions with Mamamoo, Hwasa has done some tv work on her own.

Usually known for her work as a rapper, Hwasa wowed judges and fans alike with her renditions of ‘Is Anybody There’ and Big Bang’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’in the versus round with the talented Yezi. The competition gave her a chance to show her range of talent as a vocalist as well as a rapper.

In 2018, she became a regular cast member to the documentary style program ‘I Live Alone’ or ‘Home Alone’, showing how she goes through her day to day life as a single adult. Other cast members and guests on the program have included former Super Junior M member, Henry, AOMG’s Simon Dominic, TVXQ’s Yunho and many more. Hwasa is one of the regular guests, which have been dubbed “the rainbow club” and is still a cast member at present.

One of my personal favorite television appearances was her role in the program, Hyenas on the Keyboard. The show brings together artists of varying styles and from different eras to create a song specifically for the show and then perform it in front of the others. It allows you to see the process each musician takes from beginning to end and their thought processes and motivation behind their music. Hwasa was brought on alongside AOMG’s Loco and the stellar pair created a great song. I hope to see the pair collaborate on more music after Loco’s discharge from his military duties.

Hwasa has also had her chance to act as special MC for the popular variety program, Happy Together as well as host the MBC Entertainment Awards alongside TV personality, Jun Hyunwoo and Block B’s P.O. No matter what role she takes on next, you can guarantee that she’s going to do it in her own unique style.

~ Kimi

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