Hwasa’s Awards and Nominations

Hwasa is no stranger to winning awards in the music industry. With 9 wins and 11 nominations, she’s done amazing as a solo artist.

2020 was a big year for Hwasa which is saying something because let’s be real this year has kind of sucked. Haha. However, we here at Weibuzz like the focus on the good so we are going to break down Hwasa’s 2020. adbix2bwkt521

Hwasa won Artist of the Year for “Twit” at the Gao Chart Music Awards, Best Solo Artist at the Golden Disc Awards, and at Korea Frist Brand Awards she wone Female Solo Artist and Female Idol Variety Stay. Hwasa also was nominated for the Dance Performance Awards at Seoul Music Awards.

Now let’s rewind real quick to 2018 where Hwasa won Hot Issue Entertainer Award at KBS Entertainment Awards for Hyena on the Keyboard with Loco. She also won Rookie Female of the Year for I Live Alone and at the Melon Music Awards she won Hot Trend Award for “Don’t” and was nominated for Best Ballad.

Let’s go forwards a year shall we? In 2019 Hwasa did amazing winning the Social Artist Award at the Soribaba Best K-Music Awards, being nominated for 4 categories at the Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Female Artist, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Dance Performance-Solo. At the Melon Music Awards she was nominated for Top 10 Artist and Song of the Year. She won the Female Excellence Award for I Live Alone at the MBC Entertainment Awards and was nominated at the Genie Music Awards for The Female Solo Artist.

How amazing is Hwasa? We think she is pretty awesome and wish her nothing but the best! We hope she wins more awards in the future!

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