Leo Xia Brings “Sliced Fruit” to the Table

Indie/Folk singer, songwriter, and activist Leo Xia has released a new music video for “Sliced Fruit”, an animated love letter to immigrant mothers all around the world reflecting the myriad ways in which immigrant parents relay their love and care through actions rather than words. While the video itself tells the story of the daughter of Chinese immigrants understanding her mother’s love through sliced fruit, the inspiration behind the video is Leo’s own mother who made huge sacrifices for her family.

So who is Leo Xia? Along with his career as a solo artist, Leo is also a member of NITEMRKT. Aiming to expand his listeners’ capacity for empathy, he tells of his experiences as a second generation Chinese American through his beautiful, worldly lyrics. Leo has released two albums: Hyphenated in 2017 and 384 in 2018. Among several beautiful songs, 384 is also the home to “Sliced Fruit”.

“Sliced Fruit” is a thoughtful, heartwarming song on its own but combined with the video, it’s truly beautiful. I really have to give respect to Animator/Storyboard/Director Hye Lynn Park; the animation style enhances the song to a whole new level. It suits the simplicity and down home feel that the song elicits and I couldn’t stop myself from crying when I watched it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the big things and stop appreciating simple acts like a bowl of sliced fruit placed at your elbow. Watching the video and seeing the daughter grow from a happy-go-lucky child to an angsty teenager to a grown woman slicing fruit for her own child, it really touched my heart and gave me a new perspective on some of the small things my own mom does for me. “Sliced Fruit” is a gorgeous reminder to appreciate our mothers and everything they do for us, no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem at the time. Love doesn’t need to be expressed in some grandiose gesture; sometimes all it takes is a bowl of sliced fruit.

Congratulations Leo Xia and Hye Lynn Park for a touching new release and thank you for the reminder to appreciate the small things, because we never know what sacrifices were made to make them happen.

~ Jordan

Make sure to follow Leo on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud to stay up to date on all his new releases and updates.

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