“AYCE” (All You Can Eat) – jason chu

jason is back and this time he’s bringing the fire to LA’s Chinatown! “AYCE” is a bright, rhythmic tribute to the Asian family owned businesses currently struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in anti-Asian racism and discrimination.

Set in Hop Woo restaurant, jason features shots of the storefront, interior, some delicious looking food, and even dances with the charming part owner of the restaurant, Judy. jason’s lyrical genius really shines through on this one and kept me on my toes the whole song. I love that he’s so unafraid to have his voice heard and will say the things that need to be said no matter how harsh or unpleasant those things may be.

“AYCE” serves as an excellent reminder of the importance of Chinatown across the country and what they represent to their communities. It also really showcases how beautiful and delicious the food looks in Hop Woo. Throughout the whole video, I found myself really wishing that I didn’t live across the country from the restaurant……that food looked delicious and I’d absolutely love to try some!

Don’t forget to support your local Asian communities during this trying time! While things may be bad, as long as we all come together and support each other we’ll get through it all the stronger for it. You can support Hop Woo here and jason’s song can be streamed on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Amazon, and all other digital streaming platforms. Check out the music video on Facebook and Youtube!

Everyone stay safe and healthy and remember, we can all get through this as long as we love and support each other.

~ Jordan

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