“FOREVER” with Alex Luu

Alex Luu, based out of the San Gabriel Valley, has released “FOREVER”, an animated spoken word about love. Alex is a champion slam poet, taking home the crown in 2017 at both the Texas Grand Slam and Kollaboration Los Angeles. He also founded The Slam Scene at the University of Southern California and has served as its president since. You also may have seen Alex open for The Black Eyed Peas or collaborating with poets Yaw Kyremetange, Kito Fortune, and TheyDavis and notable music artists jason chu, Lowhi, and Katherine Ho.

Alex’s new release, “FOREVER”, was written for his then long-distance partner. It’s a beautiful ode to love, shared memories, and the experiences of a lifetime held within the bounds of a relationship. “FOREVER” is a moving tribute to the ones that we love and the memories that we keep even when we’re no longer together. Listening to Alex speak, I felt my heart starting to beat out of my chest from the sheer passion and emotion in his voice, and I felt like I was ready to take on the world knowing that somewhere out there, all-encompassing love does exist if only I reach out and take the chance on it.

“Maybe that’s why our first argument or the darkest moments of my depression / were the closest the demons in me could taste freedom. / I’m wondering whose heart you broke out of to find me / Sometimes I question if I was worth the escape.”

I honestly got chills listening to this. His emotion and the depth in his voice is so raw, it’s impossible not to be affected and to feel his passion as if it was my own. And the ending….”You are as beautiful as the last thing I’ll ever see.” That simple sentence, said with so much tender fondness and intense honesty, was so powerful; I had tears in my eyes. I hope one day that I can find someone who will love me with that much pure intensity and affection.

Fictitious Professor did an amazing job of composing this and Marcus Burke really brought it to life through the animation! Alex has such a huge talent for what he does and I absolutely can’t wait to see what he will share with us next! If you have fallen in love as much as I have and want to see more, follow Alex on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and don’t forget to check out his website for all his updates and upcoming events!

~ Jordan

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