B.Kim Brings the Fun with “K-Drama”

In the past year and a half, k-dramas have become more popular than ever. Whether you’re looking for slice-of-life, cheesy romance, daring thrillers, or gut-wrenching horror, there’s a k-drama out there that will satisfy your craving.

R&B artist B.Kim showcases some fun k-drama clichés in his newest single, “K-Drama.” Featuring laugh-out-loud moments, classic video streaming experiences, and timely product placement, the song is quirky and really gives listeners a taste of various k-drama tropes. The music video is really cute and I loved the interaction between the male and female lead in the drama. I also really enjoyed the occasional buffering in the streaming box; anyone who’s ever tried to watch a stream has definitely felt the frustration of poorly timed freezes so I thought that was a really nice touch. The ending with the advertisements scrolling the bottom gave me quite a bit of nostalgia for the first drama that I ever watched.

B.Kim has such a soothing voice and listening to this song made me think of early mornings in the Spring, watching light drizzles of rain from the porch, and sipping coffee in a café. The blending of the Korean and English lyrics really gave this song a beautiful layer of depth and helped to make the listening experience the whole package. I thought it was also really interesting that this video was meant for B.Kim’s song “Woah Baby” but the vibe wasn’t quite right so Kim wrote “K-Drama” instead. It was a really smart choice as this song is so perfect for the content of the video and I honestly can’t imagine anything else pairing with it.

I absolutely recommend listening to “K-Drama”; it’s a beautiful piece of artistry and you’re really missing out if you don’t listen to it. If you enjoy B.Kim’s voice as much as I do, be sure to follow him at YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and SoundCloud and catch “K-Drama” on all the major streaming platforms here!

~ Jordan

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