Alan Z Says No Boundaries in ‘Chill’

Alan Z is back with another new song! This one is called Chill and it's everything the name suggests! This song is all about being so comfortable with someone that you're ready to take the relationship to the next level; about knowing someone for so long that there are no more boundaries between the two... Continue Reading →

Flower Road 꽃 길

Flower Road 꽃 길 “This is not the end of us…” BIG BANG’s new single Flower Road was released on March 13th as a final goodbye to their fans. The song has dominated the music charts giving it an All-Kill status. With all the members going into the military this year they wanted to give... Continue Reading →

Taeyang has entered the military!

The next BIGBANG member has entered the military service. Taeyang arrived at the 6th Infantry Division training center on March 12th.  Here he will begin his five-week basic training in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province then be assigned to an army unit. Taeyang being the sunshine that he, gave fans a bow as he told them “I... Continue Reading →

G-Dragon has reported for duty!

Today is the day I never wanted to come. On February 27th Kwon Ji Yong or G-Dragon enlisted to begin his mandatory military service. G-Dragon is the second BIGBANG member to join with Taeyang soon following. G-Dragon was surround by his family, friends and fans as he entered the 3rd Infantry Division recruit training center... Continue Reading →

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