Taiwan is said to be one of the most colorful destinations known to travelers. Imagination is shown everywhere from street murals to public art. The country’s themed restaurants are no exception.  Many of the colorful places to eat are known for their quirky shop fronts, menu items, and food displays. One such café is called the... Continue Reading →

Labyrinth of Fear

Take an extra pair of underwear, wear an amulet, and never go in alone! These three tips may be just what you need to walk through Japan’s scariest haunted house from start to finish. The actual distance is about half a mile, or 900 meters. This place is said to be so scary that most... Continue Reading →


Lonely? In the words of the immortally popular Beatles, “all the lonely people,where do they all come from”. Well where they come from doesn’t really matter, because I know somewhere they can all go............ A cafe in Japan, called Tokyo’s Moomin House Cafe, is more popularly known as the “Anti-Loneliness” Cafe. The cafe provides a... Continue Reading →

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