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Annabelle – CEO

Hello. My name is Anarely Isabella. But everyone calls me Annabelle. I was born & raised in Chicago IL. I am currently 25 years old. I’m like an open book. You can get to know me by the things that I love the most. I love coffee! Coffee has been my bff for awhile now. Hahaha I love Kpop, anime’s, action movies, all types of food, fashion, design, but most importantly I love my friends & family.

I am currently working on this blog with a group of my closest friends. But before I even made this blog possible I co-wrote a book, I worked on a couple of Kpop concerts, join an amazing team of entrepreneurs, and now I’m slowly but surely making a few of my dreams come true. This blog is basically going to turn into an entertainment website. Where we can provide you with news, interviews, music video premieres and tons more. But for now we are slowly working on a few things. Like I said before I’m like an open book. So follow us on this new journey. Thank you for supporting.

Jordan – COO:

Hi everyone!  My name is Jordan, I’m currently 20 years old and I live in the middle of a corn field! Not really…..but central Illinois is pretty much all corn (straight from a horror film if you ask me!)  I’m a passionate person who loves to encourage others to follow their passions in life.

Kpop is more than just a hobby for me….it’s a lifestyle.  It’s one of my greatest passions and it’s something I’ll never once regret becoming part of.  The only thing that could probably top Asian Entertainment for me is curling up with a cup of tea and a good book; though I suppose my friends could count too!

Niki – Author/Editor:

*Insert Smile and Wave*

안녕하세요 I’m Niki an enthusiastic graphic designer who loves to travel the world for new inspiration. As a graphic designer I love challenges. I am open to new ideas as it helps me expand my creativity. I am passionate about making my designs visually appealing. Experiencing art is like finding a rare treasure so I strive to keep up with current trends to make my designs unique. I’ve studied Asian art and fell in love with the culture and found myself drawn to Korea. I took this passion and packed my bags traveling to Korea where my heart will forever stay.

In my spare time you can find this mermaid soaking up the sun or dancing in the wind practicing Tai Chi. I may even be cuddled up writing, painting or listening to music. I am a visionary who loves helping the environment/community and is always looking for my next adventure.

Kennie – Author

Hello, I’m Kennie! The section I have the most knowledge of is Korea and Japan. I have been into J-pop and Anime for 5 years and K-pop and K-dramas for one! I’m still fairly new to the K-pop fandom and still learn some things about it and all the amazing groups in the fandom!

I don’t think I could survive without music. It is something I rely on heavily to get through my day. If i’m not physically listening to music I always have some going off in my head.

Kimi – Author:

Hi! I’m Kimi! The tubby little cubby writer that’s stuffed with fluff. 💛  And unicorn hair. Seriously, I change the color every other month. 😂 Besides spending my days immersed in kpop, khiphop, and all things Asian, I work a job with weird hours fit for zombies, and hole myself up in my apartment like a hermit with my two cats, one dog, and one human. Not much else to do in small town Indiana.

I love reading as much as I love to write (and I don’t just write for the blog. I like to write stories and the occasional fanfic), love cooking, and I have an intense love for anything squishy, fluffy, or sparkly. Which means kpop is a perfect place to feed my addiction! 😂 I’m your average noona fan, who looks younger than my age, apparently has a killer smile (it’s never really killed anyone, but it does get me stopped all the time by random strangers 😅), and travels to concerts almost as often as I color my hair. My goal is to one day move to Japan and disappear into the culture there. ☺️

Kat – Author:

Hey! I’m Kat, Weibuzz’s Kbeauty Blogger! Growing up in a small town in Ohio, USA I wasn’t exposed to many cultures besides the amazing Asian restaurants I always went to. Learning about other parts of the globe always fascinated me though. It wasn’t until I moved and met my friend Kimi. She introduced me to Anime and Kpop. That’s the moment I found my personal heaven.

Kpop is life. My passion for Kbeauty was a natural fit. I’ve always loved makeup. Little did I know (until falling for Kbeauty) that skin care can be the best makeup of all. Korea, Japan, China, and all of the other Asian countries have things to teach us so I want to learn, whether it be beauty, food, music, or culture in general. I’m a Asian Culture addict and proud.

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