Meet Yumeko Jabami! A beautiful second year transfer student who is a compulsive gambler! Lucky for her, the school she transferred to becomes a gambling den at night which gives her plenty of chances to have her fun.

Fighting Foodons

In the land of Fighting Foodons, culinary chefs can turn food into fighting monsters! Watch this anime to see what the good and evil culinary chefs can cook up!

How To Keep A Mummy

Sora gets an unexpected package from his father. In it, is a giant coffin with a tiny mummy in it! What on earth is Sora to do with a mummy? For all he knows, it could be dangerous! This sure is weird.


Retsuko is just your typical red panda trying to get through the work day. How does she cope with the frustration of her office job? By singing death metal karaoke of course!

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket Tohru Honda is an optimistic sweet high school girl. She lives with her grandfather after her mother dies in a car crash. Tohru soon moves out of her grandfather’s house due to the unkind and unsupportive family members. Tohru is making due in the woods in a tent, but lucky for her she... Continue Reading →

Summer Watch List

Summer vacation has officially begun for everyone. As much as we all love summer those hot summer days can sometimes be too hot. We here at Weibuzz have put together a summer watch list full of our personal favorite movies, dramas and animes. So if you need a new series to binge watch or a... Continue Reading →

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