Hwasa’s Awards and Nominations

Hwasa is no stranger to winning awards in the music industry. With 9 wins and 11 nominations, she's done amazing as a solo artist. 2020 was a big year for Hwasa which is saying something because let's be real this year has kind of sucked. Haha. However, we here at Weibuzz like the focus on... Continue Reading →

Sunmi’s Awards and Nominations

Sunmi is no stranger to being recognized as a talented individual. She's been nominated for awards like popularity, best dance, best fashionista, style in music and more. Tonight we are showing off all her awards and nominations. Awards: 2014 Sunmi won Best Dance Performance (solo) at the 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards. 2017 she won... Continue Reading →

And the award goes to…

Uee, has been nominated and has won numerous awards in her life. Today we are showcasing all her awards she's won from 2009-2018. In 2009, Uee won the Best Newcomer-Female award for We Got Married. In 2011 she won the Barbie of the Year and Best Actress for Ojakgyo Family which she also got in... Continue Reading →

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