**SPOILER ALERT** Confessions is the debut novel by Kanae Minato and it will haveyou on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

Ju-On: The Grudge

Once you step inside the Saeki house in Tokyo, you will cross paths and be haunted by a vengeful spirit. Your life will never be the same and it will be... short.

QQ Sweeper

A romance and supernatural manga series about cleaning houses and cleansing people's souls through doors into their minds. This is just the series you've been looking for!


Hojojutsu, or Torinawajutsu, is the art of military torture and incarceration primarily used by police in feudal Japan.  Hojojutsu utilizes techniques from jujutsu and is now taught mostly as part of a broader curriculum in some martial arts schools and is still taught to an extent to Japanese police. Beginning in 17th century Edo period,... Continue Reading →


Meet Yumeko Jabami! A beautiful second year transfer student who is a compulsive gambler! Lucky for her, the school she transferred to becomes a gambling den at night which gives her plenty of chances to have her fun.

Japanese Shoe Superstitions

Japanese superstitions say that many things can be done with just a pair of shoes like predicting the weather, bringing bad luck and bringing bad omens about. Check out what not to do with shoes, just to be safe!

Ape Escape

Monkeys have gotten a hold of lab helmets that have made them smart and hostile. Now they are traveling through time to rewrite history! Do you have what it takes to catch them and save the world?


Retsuko is just your typical red panda trying to get through the work day. How does she cope with the frustration of her office job? By singing death metal karaoke of course!


Jujutsu is a Japanese style of martial arts known for its close combat and short sword techniques. Ju is translated to "gentle, soft, supple, flexible, pliable or yielding" as Justu is translated to "art" or "technique" which uses the opponents force against themselves. Jujutsu uses a short weapon or no weapon at all. This style... Continue Reading →

Shirime (尻目)

Imagine someone calling you over, dropping their clothes and bending over to present you with a fantastic view of their naked butt.  Congratulations! You've just met Shirime!

Japan Dining Etiquette

Most people think of human communication in terms of conversations and things we say to one another.  For instance, greeting someone in the morning, saying thank you, or asking directions. These common uses of verbal communication, communication that uses words, occurs throughout our regular daily routine.  Many experts agree that nearly 2/23 of our communication... Continue Reading →

Labyrinth of Fear

Take an extra pair of underwear, wear an amulet, and never go in alone! These three tips may be just what you need to walk through Japan’s scariest haunted house from start to finish. The actual distance is about half a mile, or 900 meters. This place is said to be so scary that most... Continue Reading →


Lonely? In the words of the immortally popular Beatles, “all the lonely people,where do they all come from”. Well where they come from doesn’t really matter, because I know somewhere they can all go............ A cafe in Japan, called Tokyo’s Moomin House Cafe, is more popularly known as the “Anti-Loneliness” Cafe. The cafe provides a... Continue Reading →


Erica is beautiful, smart, and funny. She looks much like any other young Japanese girl, with one very distinct difference. Erica is a robot. Erica was made as part of a well funded science project that studies the future of robotics. Mr. Ishiguro, her creator, said he started the project to actually study and “understand... Continue Reading →

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