The Daebak Show

The Daebak Show is a podcast that is hosted by Eric Nam. The show talks about the latest K-pop releases and talks about the K-pop industry. Every Monday Eric who is not new to the K-pop world reviews best songs, talks about how the industry works and will sometimes interview the artist themselves. If you... Continue Reading →

After School

After School is a South Korean girl group that was formed by Pledis Entertainment and modeled after AFTERSCHOOL in Japan. The group has had eleven members who have join and "graduated" since their debut in 2009. After School officially debuted in January of 2009 with "Ah!" and in April of that year Uee joined the... Continue Reading →

Dream High 2

Dream High 2 is a follow up of Dream High which follows a group of students at the Kirin High School of Arts. Their dream is to become the next k-pop stars. However, tragedy strikes as the school files for bankruptcy and is taken over by Oz Entertainment. The story follows the students of Kirin... Continue Reading →

12 Years with Big Bang

Big Bang started in 2006 being one of the top bands and most influential acts they deserve the title “Kings of K-pop.”  With today being the 12 year anniversary lets take a look at their amazing career. Big Bang debut their first album BigBang Vol 1 in 2006 the album it’s self-was well received. Their... Continue Reading →

Solo Female Artist Bracket

It’s time for our Solo Female Artist Bracket!! How did your solo artist stack up? How are you guys liking these brackets? Do you want us to keep making them? Maybe Kdrams? Animes? Movies? Let us know! ~XO, Niki

Solo Male Artist Bracket

It’s time for our Solo Male Artist Bracket!! How did your solo artist stack up? Be sure to comment and stay tuned next month for our solo female artist Bracket! ~XO, Niki

Favorite Boy Group Bracket

Even us here at Weibuzz have been infected with March Madness! Despite its end, we've still got Bracket Fever! Take a look at our Favorite Boy Group below and see how your favorite boy groups stack up! Be sure to comment and stay tuned next month for more Bracket Fever! ~XO, Niki

Miracles in December

Hey there guys! Time for another Christmas song! This one is EXO'S Miracles in December from their Miracles in December album! I love this song and listen to it quite often. Even when it's not December. I enjoy listening to the vocals and how well they all go together. I also love how well the... Continue Reading →

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