Uee in Television

Hey guys Kennie here and today I'm gonna talk about Uee and her appearance in variety and reality TV shows. Uee has made quite a few appearances on various variety shows throughout her career. She has a very charismatic and has a very charming personality which many people seem to get drawn into.  She appeared... Continue Reading →

And the award goes to…

Uee, has been nominated and has won numerous awards in her life. Today we are showcasing all her awards she's won from 2009-2018. In 2009, Uee won the Best Newcomer-Female award for We Got Married. In 2011 she won the Barbie of the Year and Best Actress for Ojakgyo Family which she also got in... Continue Reading →

After School

After School is a South Korean girl group that was formed by Pledis Entertainment and modeled after AFTERSCHOOL in Japan. The group has had eleven members who have join and "graduated" since their debut in 2009. After School officially debuted in January of 2009 with "Ah!" and in April of that year Uee joined the... Continue Reading →

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